Standard Centrifugal Pumps and Customised Large Pumps

ANDRITZ Pumps, as part of the ANDRITZ group's hydro business area, a world leader in the supply of turnkey systems and services for hydropower stations, develops and manufactures pumps for many different applications.

Decades of experience in building hydraulic machines combined with comprehensive know-how form the basis of the high standard of ANDRITZ pump engineering. ANDRITZ offers everything from a single source, from development work, to model tests, to engineering design, manufacture and project management, to after-sales service and training.

Andritz pumps are used innovatively in the energy sector as cooling water pumps, reactor pumps and in flue gas desulphurisation plants.

Vertical line shaft pumps

ANDRITZ vertical line shaft pumps, pull-out or non pull-out type, with radial, mixed flow or axial impeller, fitted with impeller blades that are either fixed or adjustable during operation, are used as cooling water pumps in power plants or for water supply. These pumps are customised for heads up to 80m and flow rates up to 70,000m³/hr.

Vertical volute pumps

ANDRITZ vertical volute pumps, fitted with a metal volute with or without guide vanes and a radial or mixed flow impeller, are used for water transport and irrigation, and as cooling water pumps in power plants. These pumps are customised for heads up to 250m and flow rates up to 180,000m³/hr.

Concrete volute pumps

ANDRITZ concrete volute pumps are fitted with a concrete volute with radial or mixed flow impeller and are used for water transport and irrigation, and also as cooling water pumps in power plants. These pumps are customised for heads up to 50m and flow rates up to 180,000m³/hr.

Reactor coolant pumps

ANDRITZ reactor coolant pumps operate in pressurised and boiling water reactors, and also as shut-down cooling water pumps in pressurised reactors or as moderator pumps for CANDU reactors.

Double suction split case pumps

ANDRITZ double suction split case pumps are used for pumping water in the following fields of application: cooling water, circulation water in power stations, raw water in water treatment plants and drinking water in water supply systems.

Hydraulic impeller blade adjustment in vertical cooling water pumps

In order to cater for all delivery rates and head requirements in cooling water pumps, a complete program of impeller designs is needed, each with their own specific speed. Still, this is not always enough to cover all potential applications.

There is often a need to react to changing conditions in delivery rate and head during operation, for example if there are fluctuations in the cooling water level or differences between day and night operations. If the pump had to be shut down and the impeller blade angle adjusted manually, the downtime costs would certainly be high.

Changes in delivery rate and head can be accommodated promptly by means of speed control on the one hand, or with a hydraulic impeller blade adjusting device on the other. The hydraulic impeller blade adjusting device (there is a 15° angle between minimum and maximum) is a mechanism that is easy to maintain and also guarantees reliable operations. A servo-cylinder that can be fed pressurised oil from both sides is used to rotate the impeller blades via sliding blocks and adjustable cranks. This hydraulic adjusting mechanism has been used successfully for decades in turbine manufacturing.

The ANDRITZ HYDRO pumps division has drawn on its experience in turbine manufacturing and now transposed the advantages of hydraulic impeller blade adjustment to cooling water pumps.

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