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Andrew Tunnicliffe

Wind turbine flaws put Siemens in a headwind

German-owned Siemens Energy has faced difficulties in its wind turbine division since the start of 2023, leading some to question if it, and the industry, is set for a challenging period. Andrew Tunnicliffe unpicks the issues.

Could coastal combined power be the future of UK power?

Andrew Tunnicliffe looks at a significant energy-from-waste project in the UK, and how it could fit into the country’s power mix.

Ocean power: a running tide for renewables in Asia

As the world continues to manage, or not, the fallout from a reliance on capricious energy markets, renewables once again have the opportunity to stand head and shoulder above the rest when it comes to future energy planning. Andrew Tunnicliffe considers tidal power’s prospects in Southeast Asia, a region of the world remarkably suited to such development.

Price caps and politics: inside the UK’s energy cost crisis

UK consumers could pay up to $3,632 for energy heading into winter, leaving many facing a perilous shortfall. How did the country get here?

A breeze, not a storm: inside wind power investment

Many hoped that 2021 would be a better year for new wind investments, but reality did not meet expectations. We ask why.

Industrial biomass: is it a mass movement?

Biomass is one contender for replacing fossil fuels, but questions over its suitability, and the sustainability of its source, remain.

The US EV market’s need to shift a gear

With the US lagging behind Europe and China in the transition to electric vehicles, how could the country meet its ambitions?

Europe’s winds of climate change

We speak with WindEurope’s Viktoriya Kerelska about how sluggish wind permitting approvals can be overcome.

Making blue from RED – the potential of salinity gradient power

Harnessing the power of the oceans for energy has long been a possibility, but on a smaller scale than we’d have hoped for so far.

Ambition, progress and discord: the EU’s offshore wind ambitions

Leading the way in offshore wind, Europe has a lot to be proud of. However, the EU itself warns there is much more still to do if it is to achieve its carbon goals. We talk with the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis about how the bloc’s ambitions can be funded and what the hidden dangers might be.