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Tower of power: gravity-based storage evolves beyond pumped hydro

Energy Vault has created a new storage system in which a six-arm crane sits atop a 33-storey tower, raising and lowering concrete blocks and storing energy in a similar method to pumped hydropower stations. How does the process compare to other forms of energy storage, such as batteries and pumped-storage hydro?

A new source of clean energy? Urine luck!

Robial, a new spinout company from the University of West England, is planning to commercialise a technology that converts urine and wastewater into electricity, powering lighting, mobile phones and other devices. But just how far can you get on pee power?

Power Potential: England’s first reactive smart grid project

The Power Potential project in England is developing the world’s first grid-scale smart network. The company in charge, UK Power Networks, claims it could save energy consumers in the region of £400m by 2050, and generate an additional 4GW of capacity to the country’s energy mix. What is the project hoping to achieve?

Neutrino energy: harnessing the power of cosmic radiation

The International Energy Agency predicts that solar power will outpace all other forms of energy by 2040, but solar energy’s inevitable downfall is that it can’t work when the sun isn’t shining. Enter Neutrino Energy and its Power Cubes, able to harness the power of cosmic radiation, or neutrinos, even in total darkness. So what are neutrinos and how can they power the future?

Premier Inn and E.ON trial UK’s first battery-powered hotel

Premier Inn, in collaboration with project partner E.ON, has installed the UK’s first battery-powered hotel, located in Edinburgh, Scotland.

NTR secures commitments of €229m for second renewable energy fund

Ireland-based renewables investor NTR has attracted investment commitments in the region of €229m for the second round of its renewable energy fund.

UK caps prices for loyal energy customers in 2019

Loyal energy customers from 11 million households, who have continued to purchase electricity from suppliers with poor value energy tariffs, will now be subject to a government price cap from 1 January 2019.

US hydropower droughts cause rise in greenhouse gas emissions

Scientists at Stanford University in the US have discovered that recent droughts in western states such as California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington have caused a rise in greenhouse gas emissions due to the need for fossil fuels to replace US hydropower projects in particularly dry periods.

AB InBev strikes deal to brew 100% solar powered Budweiser in UK

UK drinks company AB InBev has struck a deal with solar energy company Lightsource BP to purchase 100% renewable electricity for its Budweiser beer brewing operations.

STA criticises UK plan to scrap solar Feed-in Tariff

The Solar Trade Association (STA) has criticised the UK Government’s plan to ditch the solar Feed-in Tariff, in what is considered by the STA as a “disappointing blow to the solar industry”.