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Debate: is nuclear clean enough for the EU’s green funding?

In September, the European Council ruled that nuclear power is eligible for an EU scheme intended to fund green power sources. While nuclear lacks the environmental footprint of energy sources such as coal and oil, its green credentials have been questioned by countries such as Germany and Austria, who object to funding being diverted towards nuclear power from renewable energy sources. JP Casey and Umar Ali consider the two sides of the debate.

California: renewables on the frontline

While California has some of the world’s most ambitious renewable energy targets, it also has some startlingly unique challenges. We explore the future of the state’s energy mix, and look at the unique challenges of California’s energy infrastructure.

London City Airport achieves carbon neutral accreditation

The Airport Carbon Accreditation programme has awarded London City Airport Level 3+ (Neutrality) status, its highest accreditation.

Voith Group set to go carbon-neutral globally from 2022

German engineering multinational Voith Group has announced plans to make its worldwide operations carbon-neutral from 2022 onwards.

Flora to fuel: could wind-powered algae make bioreactors competitive?

The ENBIO project uses excess energy from wind turbines to power 16 1,000-litre photo-bioreactors which grow algae that can then be used for biofuels. The project demonstrates how green technologies can work together, but can it make algae-derived fuel competitive? We find out more.

Microgrids and micromanagement: talking energy with ABB’s Niklas Persson

With many countries in Europe setting ambitious emissions targets, what more can be done on a regulatory level to integrate renewables? Umar Ali sat down with ABB’s grid integration managing director Niklas Persson to find out more.

Geo40 makes geothermal fluid lithium extraction breakthrough

New Zealand-based company Geo40 has made a breakthrough in extracting near battery-grade lithium from geothermal fluid.

More than meets the eye: deceptive cybersecurity for the energy sector

The energy industry is particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to increased interconnectivity of energy systems, but what can be done to protect these systems? Umar Ali speaks to Tony Cole, CTO at cybersecurity company Attivo Networks, about a technology that could provide a solution.

Is CCUS the key to a low-carbon economy for the UK?

In November 2019 the Energy Industries Council (EIC) published a report into carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) as a more viable concept to reduce emissions than CCS. How important will CCUS be in the UK’s energy future? Umar Ali sat down with EIC CEO Stuart Broadley and EIC senior energy analyst Oliver Barnes to find out more.

Theory to fact? Energy technologies awaiting their day in the sun

As modern energy solutions grow to utility scales, there comes a point at which the challenges these projects face are based more on engineering and practice than science and theory. Umar Ali profiles projects that have been around in theory for a long time, but have yet to see their day in the sun.