Power plant equipment and components require regular and thorough cleaning and maintenance to ensure longevity and smooth operations. Power plants vary in their mode of operation, structure and size, and therefore need diverse industrial cleaning services, systems and solutions.

Renewable energy plants, such as wind and solar farms, are eco-friendly and require less overall maintenance compared to conventional non-renewable energy plants, such as coal-fired power plants. Implementation of efficient and cost-effective cleaning processes helps power companies meet their energy targets and maintain optimum output.

Discover top suppliers of industrial cleaning services, systems and solutions

Power Technology has listed leading suppliers of cleaning systems and solutions based on its intel, insights and extensive experience in the sector.

The list includes suppliers of acoustic cleaning systems, fuel system cleaning equipment, soot-blowing boiler cleaning systems, ultrasonic cleaning devices, air-cooled condensers and heat exchangers cleaning systems, dynamic waterjet cutting systems, and cleaning solutions for industrial cooling towers.

Providers of specialised dry ice blast cleaning services, specialist industrial services, technological cleaning services, chemical-free water treatment solutions, pre-commissioning and in-process maintenance and cleaning services, pre-operational and operational chemical cleaning services, and industrial cleaning, water treatment, waste and environmental management are also included.

The information available in the download document is useful for power generation companies, power plant operators, environmental consultants and any individual involved in power plant operations.

The download contains detailed information on manufacturers and suppliers, their product and service offerings, and contact details to aid purchase or hiring decision.

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Solar and wind farms cleaning

Current wind turbine cleaning services, which includes wind turbine blades and towers, rely on deep cleaning of turbines with eco-friendly cleaning solutions to prevent any damage to the local environment.

Robotic cleaning and decontamination of solar panels in both centralised and decentralised solar farms have gained traction as they eliminate manual labour, and save water, time and costs during cleaning.

Cleaning nuclear power plants

Nuclear power is economically competitive and a greener source of energy compared to most other energy forms used in electricity production, but proper cleaning and disposal of nuclear waste are very important to reduce environmental contamination. Properly maintained air-cleaning systems in nuclear power plants are crucial to minimise radioactive exposure and protect public health as well as the environment. Large-scale decontamination systems help clean the radioactive wastewater from nuclear power plants for recycling or disposal.