Environmental monitoring services are extremely important, as, like most other industrial facilities, power plants release many environmental pollutants and waste gases, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides, dust and mercury. Pollutants pose huge health and environmental risks to workers, residents and the environmental ecosystem around generating stations.

Emission control technologies help to control a power plant’s detrimental effects on the environment and humans.

Environmental control systems include different techniques that help in eliminating both particulate and gaseous pollutants generated during plant operations.

Some of the technologies used to clean up power plant emissions, include:

  • Selective catalyst reduction
  • Fuel gas desulphurisation
  • Activated carbon injection
  • Fabric filters
  • Electrostatic precipitators
  • Dry sorbent injection

Suppliers of environmental monitoring services and control systems

Power Technology has listed leading suppliers of environmental control systems and environmental monitoring systems based on its extensive experience in the sector.

The list includes suppliers of fuel gas recovery systems, packed tower scrubbing systems, desulphurisation, drying and valorisation systems, boiler air pollution control systems, and heat recovery steam generators (HRSG). It also includes suppliers of odour control systems, oil spill secondary containment systems, and flue gas cleaning and industrial odour control systems.

The information available in the download is useful for power generation companies, power plant operators, environmental consultants and any individual involved in power plant operations.

The download contains detailed information on manufacturers and suppliers, their product and service offerings, and contact details to aid purchase decisions.

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Environmental monitoring systems

Environmental monitoring systems in thermal power plants assess parameters such as particulate matter, inhalable particles, humidity, temperature and noise pollution.

Real-time data from monitoring solutions enable operators to:

  • Set up a threshold limit for pollutants
  • Quantify efficiency based on pollution levels measured before and after using the solutions
  • Help cut power consumption, thereby reducing the operational cost of power plants

Power monitoring systems

Electric power monitoring systems are essential to assess and measure plant emissions continuously and according to local emission regulations. For instance, the demand for effective smoke and dust monitoring systems is on the rise at thermal power plants, as traditional monitoring technologies are unable to detect human and environmental risks.