Power plant operators need a range of air and liquid filtration equipment to make their operations as safe and efficient as possible while keeping their performance within environmental parameters. Solutions for filtration, separation and purification are essential in power generation systems, whether coal or gas-fired power plants or renewable sources such as hydropower or nuclear fusion.

The power industry requires high-performance, customised filters and extraction systems for inlet and exhaust gas, compressed air, cooling towers and sludge applications. Proper filtration is key to achieving not only environmental performance but also higher power output, increased fuel efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and a prolonged lifespan of turbines, generators, boilers and compressors.

Power plant filtration equipment suppliers

Power Technology has listed the top-rated power plant filtration equipment and solutions based on its intel, insights and decades of experience in the sector. The list includes companies providing state-of-the-art air, gas and water filtration and purification solutions, fly ash removal, exhaust and chimney systems, as well as filtration replacement and retrofitting specialists.

The information in the download document is aimed at power plant construction and operations managers, power technology consultants and engineers, environmental compliance coordinators, health and safety officers, and other individuals involved in process enhancement and the environmental upgrade of power generation facilities.

The document includes detailed information on the power plant filtration equipment suppliers and their product lines, as well as contact details, to aid you in your purchasing decision.

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Power plant filtration and purification solutions

With the growing concern for environmental protection and the introduction of strict pollution standards, power plant operators are increasingly seeking high-performing filtration, separation and purification equipment that is reliable, durable and cost-effective and requires little maintenance.

The filtration and purification equipment used by power plants includes, but is not limited to:

  • Static and pulse-jet filters for gas-turbine air intake
  • Liquid bag and cartridge filter systems
  • Water filtration and screening equipment
  • Weather louvers, mist eliminators and high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filters
  • Oil mist filters, electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) and components
  • Baghouse dust collectors for coal-fired power plants
  • High-efficiency cyclone separators to remove particulate matter from gas streams
  • Silencers and duct systems for gas turbines, heat recovery steam generators, cooling towers and flue stacks
  • Liquid filtration equipment, including high-vacuum oil purifiers, transformer oil regeneration systems, and turbine oil and diesel fuel coalescers
  • Exhaust and chimney systems with diffusers, diverter dampers and bypass stacks
  • Water screens, debris filters and cleaning systems for condensers and heat exchangers
  • Carbon filters, cylinders and cassettes
  • Filtration solutions for turbine and compressor lubricants

Power plant filtration technology trends

Improving filtration performance while maintaining appropriate air and gas flow rates has been the main challenge for power plant filtration equipment manufacturers and designers.

Research and innovation in the filtration technology field is increasingly focused on creating innovative filtration mediums using high-performance fibres and membrane solutions that offer micro to ultra and nano-filtration capabilities.

While large power plant operators continue to use electrostatic precipitators as their main technology to filter fly ash, fabric filtration is being increasingly adopted as a retrofit solution for existing plants, as it tends to involve less capital investment.