Grid operators aim to optimise the performance and stability of power transmission and distribution (T&D) systems with advanced equipment and services.

Players in the power T&D industry require a range of equipment and accessories that are purpose-built, high performing and reliable. Operating under different standards and requirements, each grid operator aims to achieve efficient power flow, while managing system-wide voltage levels and dynamically adjusting the distribution system to prevent system losses or grid failures.

Finding power transmission and distribution equipment and service providers

Power Technology has listed the leading suppliers of power T&D equipment, accessories and services. The list includes established manufacturers and suppliers of a range of T&D products and solutions, including cables, transformers, protection and control products, components, and services.

The information contained within the document is designed for electrical power evacuation, transmission and distribution consultants, managers and engineers, transmission line and substation project directors, grid consultants, procurement officers, and other individuals involved in power evacuation, grid connectivity, and electricity T&D.

The download contains detailed information on the power T&D solutions providers and their product and service lines, as well as contact details to aid in purchasing or hiring decisions.

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Power transmission and distribution products and services

Being highly interconnected, electricity networks involve a multitude of components and services, such as substations, transmission lines, distribution lines, transformers and a range of accessories and services.

Power T&D equipment and services include:

  • Substation equipment, transformers, autotransformers, parts and services 
  • Measuring and monitoring solutions for power grids 
  • Voltage regulation and monitoring systems for transformers 
  • Low, medium, high and extra-high-voltage cables, joints, and accessories 
  • Medium and high-voltage insulators and capacitors for circuit breakers 
  • Switchgear and air-core dry-type reactors 
  • Electro ceramic components 
  • Electrical engineering and power plant protection services 
  • Power electronics systems and components 

The growing integration of renewable power, along with the need to provide uninterrupted electricity, has driven the demand for smart grid solutions.

The two-way flow of electricity and data, as well as the widespread deployment of smart sensors, other intelligent devices and automated controls, helps to optimise electricity distribution while enabling continuous self-assessments to inspect, analyse, and automatically respond to potential grid issues.

The use of internet of things (IoT) technologies and big data analytics allows for computing distribution factors, such as the power T&D factors or line outage distribution factors, that help in security analysis, available capacity assessment and prevention of power outages in large electricity networks.