Thermoelectric facilities comprise about 75% of the world’s power plants. Water cooling protects equipment and increases overall power production efficiency.

Turbine cooling systems are critical in ensuring that power plants operate both economically and consistently. The systems cool the hottest and most stressed parts, as well as maintain the calculated thermal stress level of components.

Types of turbine cooling systems include:

  • Dry cooling
  • Once-through systems
  • Wet cooling towers or open recirculating
  • Hybrid cooling or closed-circuit cooling

Turbine cooling system suppliers

Based on its intel for the sector, Power Technology has listed some of the leading suppliers of turbine cooling systems, including indirect evaporative turbine cooling systems, water-based turbine inlet cooling systems, fully integrated chilling systems for turbines and fully integrated water-based turbine inlet cooling systems.

The list also includes suppliers of pre-coolers for gas turbines and diesel engines as well as dehumidification to protect boilers and electronic equipment.

The information available in the download is useful for power generation companies, power plant operators, turbine coolant manufacturers, contractors and any other individual involved in power plant operations.

The download contains detailed information on manufacturers and suppliers, their product and service offerings, and contact details to aid with purchase or hiring decisions.

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Wind turbine parts and cooling systems

The individual parts and electronic components of a wind turbine heat up during operation and need to be protected from overheating. Selecting the right turbine cooling system helps to improve turbine life, lower maintenance and operation costs, and maximise power output.

Fans are the most commonly used wind turbine cooling system at wind power plants, while liquid cooling systems are also used to cool components such as AC generators and electronics.

Different types of fans are used for cooling, such as axial fans, radial fans and centrifugal fans, depending on the turbine parts to be cooled.