Rota specializes in the design, consultancy, manufacturing and erection of industrial systems. Rota provides complete engineering solutions for power and process industries. One of Rota’s specialities is stacks, chimneys and ducting for power plants. Its full range of capabilities is as follows:

  • Power plant equipment, including stacks, chimneys, ducting, silencers, diverters, dampers and expansion joints
  • Cogeneration with gas engines
  • Vessels / storage tanks
  • Heat exchangers

Stacks / chimneys for power plants

Rota designs, manufactures and erects cold (inner) insulated or non-insulated by-pass and main stacks at high temperature in the service of cogeneration and combined cycle power plants. The compact insulation design compensates the material extension and elongation due to the high temperature.

Rota also produces all types of process stacks. Various kinds of carbon and stainless steel and alloy steels are the materials most commonly used in these kinds of stacks.

Rota’s experienced personnel and international engineering practices combined with a quality assurance system ensure high-quality and reliable products and services.

Rota specializes in stacks, chimneys and ducting for power plants.
Rota designs, manufactures and erects power plant stacks and chimneys according to the highest quality standards.
Rota also offers internally insulated ductwork for power plants.
Rota provides engineering and installation services for its power plant stacks and chimneys.
Rota’s services include detail flow analysis and engineering studies.
Factory test of a diverter damper for SGT 800 gas turbine.
Various types of stack and duct dampers for power and industrial application are available.

Internally insulated ductwork for power plants

Rota power plant stacks and ductwork are internally insulated with ceramic fibre or rock wool material that is covered by a stainless-steel tile system. The internal insulation maximizes heat retention and minimizes external thermal growth, eliminating frame distortions and stresses.

Dampers and expansion joints

Many types of dampers and expansion joints are in the Rota production line and have been installed all over the world for years. Turnkey solutions on design, manufacture and erection of tight shut-off louver and fully sealed multi-louver dampers provide gas flow control and/or isolation of power and industrial systems and equipment.

Engineering services for power plant stacks and chimneys

Rota offers a range of engineering services for power plant equipment. This includes the following items:

  • Preparation of the technical specifications
  • General arrangement drawings
  • P&I diagrams
  • Flow and heat analysis
  • Detail engineering and preparation of manufacturing drawings c/w bill of materials
  • Technical and economical evaluation of different design options

Installation of power plant stacks and chimneys

Rota also carries out the installation of its power plant stacks and ductworks.

Silencers and sound enclosures for turbines

We design and manufacture various types of silencers to attenuate excessive noise level s due to gas flow and sustain an environmentally permissible sound level according to regulations.
We also formulate sound enclosures (special cabinets) for turbines or engines, providing important solutions for sound control in power plants as well as in hospitals, hotels and universities.

Diverters, dampers and louvers to control gas flow

We provide turnkey-solutions for the design, manufacture and erection of many dampers such as diverters, tight shut-off louver, fully sealed multi-louver and guillotine dampers.

The diverter dampers are used for the control of gas flow from gas turbines. Because of the high temperature and high velocity, a robust design is essential for this equipment. We pay extreme attention to our diverters to keep systems efficiently running. Our diverters can operate under very high temperature with high sealing efficiency. In most cases, we supply guillotine type blind covers integrated with diverter shells in order to provide a safe maintenance space in the heat recovery units while the turbine is running.

Besides gas turbine diverters, we produce three-way dampers that are commonly used for heat recovery steam generator applications in cogeneration plants. Our proportionally controlled dampers make it possible to adjust the temperature inside the boiler.

We always select the best quality auxiliary hardware and provide 100% sealing performance using additional seal air systems wherever required.

Our dampers are also used for component isolation for the purpose of maintenance during simple cycle operation and emergency isolation. We have produced and installed many types of dampers to the satisfaction of our customers around the world.

Heat exchangers and vaporisers for the power industry

Fabrications of stainless steel or carbon steel heaters, coolers, preheaters, vaporisers are also produced by our company. The exchangers are produced in accordance with international standards such as ASME, TEMA and are used in many industrial areas.

Heat recovery boilers and generators for heating and electricity production

With its capability and experience to design and manufacture, the company can also produce small capacity steam generators and hot water generators using the waste heat due to process cycles.

These boilers are equipped with economisers, super heaters and preheaters when needed. The steam or hot water is usually used for factory processes or district heating but can also be used for the electric production.