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STEJASA to take part in SONELGAZ’s project

STEJASA has been awarded four gas turbine exhaust systems by DURO FEGUERA as part of SPE’s six combined-cycle power plant expansion.

STEJASA will deliver the bypass systems, with diverter dampers, to the power plant located in Djelfa, Algeria.

The 6,500 x 6,500 diverter dampers will be running downstream of four GE frame 9FA gas turbines. The plant’s total power output will reach 1,280GW.

STEJASA’s scope of supply will include:

  • GT to diverter transition
  • A 6,500 x 6,500 hydraulically operated diverter damper
  • A blanking plate
  • Silencer
  • Steel structure
  • Expansion joints
  • Ladder and platforms
  • AWL, lightning arrestors, CEMS ports, and more

The four units will be delivered in Algeria by April 2015.

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