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Cable and Pipe Entry Solutions for Power Housing

Robert-Bosch-Str. 9,
89568 Hermaringen,

Hauff-Technik lead

With its motto ‘Safe. Tight’, Hauff-Technik has stood for innovation in cable and pipe entry systems throughout Europe for more than 50 years. Solutions from Hauff-Technik protect all types of buildings and housings from gas, penetrating water, dirt and vermin.

Hauff’s customers include energy suppliers, public utilities, construction companies, major installation firms and industry. The outstanding quality products from Hauff-Technik are engineered and made in Germany. With 150 employees, the company develops and produces comprehensive solutions for a future worth living in.

Moisture protection for power generation housing

A wall, regardless of whether it is part of a building or a housing, and regardless of whether it is made of concrete, metal or plastic, generally starts off tight.

Nothing can get in and nothing can get out. But it gets interesting when cables or pipes have to be fed into or though the walls. Because this means creating holes or core drill holes; and if these are not sealed-off properly, the wall is no longer tight and neither is the building or housing. That is really bad news because moisture and water can unleash destructive forces on any type of building or housing.

Whether in power supply buildings, such as substations and transformer stations, or even in power generation housings such as wind turbines, electrical short-circuits can have devastating consequences. That is why it is our job to keep what is inside separate from what is outside. Ensuring that everything is as safe, tight, consistent, efficient, flexible and viable as possible.

Press seals for cables and piping

Conventional power stations generate huge amounts of energy on a daily basis and reliably distribute it to households, companies and industrries. To do this, they require innovative solutions that guarantee safe and tight transportation within the plant, as well as safe and tight supply to the networks.

Our solutions:

  • HSI 150 cable entry system
  • KES-M 150 cable entry systems
  • Press seals for cables and pipes
  • Cable entry systems, seals and pipe protection

Flexibility and safety for fire protection and pressure tightness

When it comes to renewable energy sources, particular demands are placed on our solutions. Whether for wind power, biogas plants or even solar power, we are required to provide the greatest possible flexibility and safety for fire protection and pressure tightness.

Our solutions: press seals for cables and pipes.

Safe and tight solutions for walls

Regardless of whether the electricity is transformed out at sea or onshore. Regardless of whether entire building complexes or just individual housings are involved. Regardless of whether the walls are made from concrete or metal, the solutions that Hauff-Technik offer are always safe and tight.

Our solutions:

  • KES-M 150 cable entry systems
  • Press seals for cables and pipes

Hermetically Sealed Partitions

Hauff-Technik's core expertise lies in the creation of hermetically sealed partitions in buildings and structures built from concrete, brickwork or sheet steel walls, and where, if not in the field of renewable energy, are such solutions urgently required?

Hauff-Technik Solutions in High Demand

Hauff-Technik's business is to offer its customers effective and high-precision designed medium-voltage cables or stainless steel sleeves for high-voltage shore connection systems.

Hauff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG

Robert-Bosch-Str. 9

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