The Model 4500 Premier dust monitor surpassed the competition as the choice for a leading cement manufacturer in Northern Ireland. The application involved monitoring dust levels from a rotary kiln, which were typically between 20 and 60 mg/m3. These low levels are ideally suited to the 4500 Premier, with outstanding performance at levels as low as 15 mg/m3. The 4500 Premier boasts both UK MCerts and German TÜV approval.

The cement plant was forced to remove their existing dust monitor for two main reasons: it did not have MCerts approval, and it failed to perform in-line with the gravimetric calibration. The Model 4500 Premier was chosen as the replacement.

The most important aspect of the 4500 Premier aside from the outstanding measurement performance – is the ability (due to its wide measurement range from 0 – 15 mg/m3 up to 3000 mg/m3) to cover all the possible measurement outputs from the cement kiln with just a single instrument. Having a single instrument on plant, keeps operator and maintenance costs to a minimum.

The LAND Model 4500 Premier dust emissions monitor has MCerts approval for Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMs) by the UK Environment Agency. The 4500 Premier now carries all major international approvals including those from TÜV (Germany), meets USA EPA standards including CPS-001, 40 CFR 60 Sections 13 & 17, Performance Specifications PS-1 & PS-11 and has ASTM recognition – making it the first choice for dust compliance monitoring applications anywhere in the world.