Water Screening, Filtration and Vibration Systems

Parque Empresarial San Fernando, Edificio Dublín Planta 2, 28830 SAN FERNANDO DE HENARES, Ctra. A2 Salida 17A, MADRID,Other, Spain

Parque Empresarial San Fernando, Edificio Dublín Planta 2, 28830 SAN FERNANDO DE HENARES, Ctra. A2 Salida 17A, MADRID,Other, Spain

Tarnos S.A. is a leading producer of water screening, filtration and vibration systems, founded over 50 years ago. Their product range includes the travelling water screen, self-cleaning system and trash rake. Their products have been working non-stop for many years in power stations in South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Tarnos’ offices and workshop is located conveniently only five miles from Madrid airport.

Travelling water screens

Tarnos’ travelling water screens are heavy-duty, low maintenance equipment, designed to remove debris at large water intakes. Water screening technology is in use around the world in applications including:

  • Electrical generating stations
  • Industrial plants
  • Chemical and plastic processing plants
  • Paper manufacturing plants
  • Irrigation projects
  • Oil refineries
  • Sewage treatment plants

Power plants in particular require large amounts of water to circulate continuously during electricity production; it is important that this water does not contain debris. Tarnos travelling water screens filters out any solids in the water that are larger than specified dimensions. This protects the main circulating pumps from damage.

Water filtration process

The screen mesh of the filtering panels retain solids, which are then taken to the head section and flushed with high-pressure water spray into a disposal trough. Clean panels descend on the other side to replace them. This design guarantees that there is never a gap in the installation larger than the screen mesh opening.

Screen widths are available in different sizes; the height can be designed with a distance of between eight feet to 100ft. Travelling water screens offer refrigerating water catches and feature an irrigation raft.

Self-cleaning screening system description

Tarnos self-cleaning water screens are designed to work in automatic mode without human operators. Using ultrasonic sensors and transmitters, the self-cleaning screen control panel continuously measures water levels in real time. If the water level changes, i.e. the water screen is dirty, the system begins a self-cleaning cycle. This automatic control and supervision represents a revolution in water filtration and screening technology, and saves significant time and money.

Trash rakes and other water screening products

Tarnos supplies include pumps for the high-pressure debris flush, pipes, valves and detectors. The company also designs and manufactures bar racks and trash rakes. Tarnos trash rakes are used as a first stage to remove larger debris from the water before fine screening process begins. Tarnos meets the ISO 9001 quality requirements.

Water Filtration Systems

Tarnos S.A. is a leading producer of water filtration and vibration systems, founded in 1955.

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