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MEX Case Study: Emerge Engineering and Maintenance

Emerge Engineering and Maintenance provides equipment support and maintenance services for airport ground handlers and airlines throughout Australia. Collectively Emerge ownership has over 40 years’ experience that enables them to strive for excellence and provide high quality services at competitive prices.

This philosophy has enabled consistent organisational expansion since its establishment in 2009. Today Emerge consists of over 50 dedicated employees and a strong foothold in 17 airports across Australia for key clients such as Virgin Australia and several other aviation corporations.

How is the MEX Maintenance Software Used?

We use MEX Regions to help us manage our 17 sites, where we are able to set up each airport site to run autonomously. This gives our MEX users at each site access to their own assets, work orders, inventory levels and reports, to name a few. We also operate the MEX Stores module to allow us to monitor spare parts and inventory required for all our equipment. All in all, this ensures that we are always running at full capacity.

MEX is also used as means to track and invoice costs for both internal and external work by monitoring productivity including hours paid and hours received. Trade hours are calculated and subsequently billed based on this MEX data.

"Instead of countless filling cabinets and a mountain of paperwork to track assets across 17 sites we now have one simple easy to use CMMS in place."

What benefits have you seen since implementing MEX?

Implementing MEX has heavily reduced our maintenance management hours. Prior to MEX we had a very time consuming paper based manual system. With so many sites to manage we were spending countless hours sorting through paperwork. With the addition of MEX we are now able to instantly monitor and record our assets, input every work order including the job details and all maintenance expenses under the corresponding asset. We have saved so much time and money with the MEX CMMS.

Staying on top of maintenance has been simplified by MEX, we are able to schedule regular maintenance for assets to ensure we keep up with regulatory equipment servicing standards. Additionally MEX has enhanced our Preventative Maintenance efforts through usage and condition based policies. These policies get raised automatically which significantly decreases our work load, and enables us to keep our equipment up and running for as long as possible.

The reporting system in MEX is extremely user friendly, allowing our users to pick it up in next to no time. In the past writing a maintenance report required digging through a mountain of paperwork to find work orders and expense reports before we actually had to write the report. Now thanks to MEX we can easily generate these reports and when a client wants a maintenance report it just takes a few simple clicks.

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