Solvina is launching efficient services in the area of engineering management, which give high customer values in big projects. Our goal and your benefit is optimal performance, efficiency and safety.

Increased plant performance, efficiency and safety are achieved by successful plant design management, plant operation management and plant development, which will lead to:

  • Clearer communication and responsibility areas
  • Stable and safe operation due to organisation, processes and plant / production in balance
  • Efficient lifecycle management of project and product quality. It will also lead to a more efficient communication with for instance suppliers, licensees, safety reviewers and regulators

Solvina’s approach is to lead the engineering, perform the technical analyses, and to ensure the results. The toolbox to succeed includes requirement management, verification and validation methods, configuration management and safety and quality demonstration methods.

Solvina’s engineering management methods are applicable for all systems, but are particularly successful for safety critical systems. We tailor successful solutions for each customer and need.