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Butzkies Windprojekt designs and supplies lattice towers for wind energy turbines.

Lattice towers for the onshore wind power industry

Butzkies Windprojekt is experienced in the design of lattice tower parts, ensuring they are customisable, while keeping manufacturing costs to a minimum. Butzkies lattice towers are maintenance-free over the life-time of a wind energy converter (WEC).

In comparison to tubular towers, lattice towers require less material input and infrastructure requirements.

Butzkies offers a customisable product which can be designed to fit a variety of different wind turbines, depending on frequencies and size.
Installation is quick and maintenance isn’t required as fewer bolts are used in the structure.
Butzkies' lattice towers can be erected in a matter of days, using a single crane.

Simulation-tested customisable turbine towers

Due to the complexity of eigenfrequencies (natural frequencies) and fatigue loads of wind turbines, lattice towers must be customisable. Butzkies Windprojekt pays close attention to these specifications using multi-body-simulation testing to ensure each lattice tower fits the turbine it is built for.

The lattice towers are compatible with modern turbines up to a performance class of 4MW and hub heights of more than 160m.

Maintenance-free lattice towers

Butzkies lattice towers offer 20 years of maintenance-free primary construction, using Alcoa BobTails instead of screws. The BobTail works with a volume-controlled cold forming process to generate pretension.

It offers up to five times the fatigue strength of conventional nuts and bolts, allows for quick installation, and is vibration-resistant and maintenance-free, accredited by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt).

Additionally, fewer bolts are required due to a friction surface treatment developed and used by the company.

For ease of delivery, lattice towers are segmented and can be transported in containerised freight. The erection time for Butzkies lattice towers is short as the company can deliver pre-mounted parts to the site. It only takes four to five days to build the tower using a crane, which can then be used to lift the turbine into place.

Butzkies lattice towers come with lightening protection and a special weather-proof lift-system

About Butzkies Windprojekt

In 2013 Butzkies Windprojekt became a subsidiary of holding company Butzkies Stahlbau GmbH, a steel company with an annual output of steel of around 20,000t.