BarkerBille Industrial Fans for Power Applications

BarkerBille designs and manufactures a variety of highly efficient fans and blowers for industrial power applications both onshore and offshore.

Fans for dryers, boilers, filters and chimneys

We meet the demands for high-efficiency in the power industry with items such as:

  • Main supply fans
  • Extraction fans
  • Induced / forced draft fans
  • Combustion fans
  • Boiler fans
  • Fluid bed exhaust fans
  • Cooling air fans
  • High-pressure blowers
  • Fans for clean air supply / general ventilation

Industrial fans for power plant operations

BarkerBille has several years of experience in manufacturing industrial fans for the power and incineration business.

The fans are used in processing plants in power, heating and CHP stations, as well as incineration plants and waste-to-energy facilities where biofuel or fossil fuels such as petroleum, gas or coal are used.

Traditional incineration plants produce energy for a large number of houses and complex buildings and processes often require different types of fans.

All BarkerBille’s fans meet important efficiency requirements.

Our fans help to deliver combustion air and their performance is determined by the boiler’s current requirements for air during the incineration procedure. The volume of air is regulated by a damper on the fan’s suction side or by a frequency converter.

Waste gases are fed through a heat exchanger before being released into the atmosphere. By this point, their temperature is so low that no natural chimney draught can be formed and the flue gases must, therefore, be helped on their way by a flue gas fan.

The flue gas fan forms a partial vacuum in the boiler to minimise the risk of flue gases being released into the atmosphere.

Types of fans provided:

  • Primary air fan  – Transports air from the boiler house to the grates
  • Secondary air fan – Carries air from the waste bunker to the secondary air nozzles
  • Cooling fan – Transports air from the boiler house to the cooling inlets on the feeding pusher and grates
  • ID fan and FD fan – installed after flue gas cleaning plant to transport flue gas to the chimney through the flue gas condenser to avoid operation with flue gas in a saturated condition
  • Seal air fan
  • Recirculation fan

High-quality centrifugal fans for power facilities

BarkerBille fans are used in power plants worldwide and industrial applications such as dryers, boilers, filters and chimneys.

The centrifugal fan programme typically covers airflows from 1,000m³/hr to 400,000m³/hr, and pressures up to 70,000pa (10psi).

Customised fans for power plants

Our decades of experience in the power industry has earned us a reputation for providing plants with critical parts, supporting project engineers and buyers in reaching the optimum solution.

The needs of each application are different, so we decide on the materials, noise and energy efficiency when building our fans.

BarkerBille offers a wide range of accessories and customisation such as:

  • Attenuators in both mild and stainless steel
  • Impellers available in steel, AISI 304 / 304L / 316 / 316L / 321
  • Casing and rack available in steel, AISI 304 / 304L / 316 / 316L
  • Surfaces can be treated by pickling, polishing, glass-blasting or epoxy treatment
  • Can be fitted with attenuators in steel, AISI 304 / 304L / 316 / 316L, with wash and drainable baffles for CIP operation
  • Installation may be enclosed in easily accessible noise cabinets with simple assembly onsite
  • Noise and heat insulation rockwool covered with steel / AISI 304 / 304L / 316 / 316L or galvanised steel
  • Shaft seals and seal-welded casings
  • Flexible connections with installation guide
  • High-efficiency motors from all major brands such as ABB, Bevi, WEG and Siemens according to customer specifications
  • Frequency inverters can be fitted
  • Fans can be certified in accordance with ATEX directives (94/9/EC and 1999/92EC)
  • Available with explosion-proof motor EExNa (Zone 2/22)

About BarkerBille

BarkerBille has been supplying high-efficiency fans for a range of industries for the past 50 years and was established in 1918. Production takes place in Denmark and China, meeting the consistently high standards the company is well-known for.

The company uses 3D technology and fan-dimensioning software called FanDim to create reliable and efficient designs. BarkerBille develops primary-welded constructions, which are produced in mild steel or stainless steel.

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BarkerBille Completes Forced Draft Fan for Large Biomass-Fired Renewable Plant

BarkerBille produces several large industrial fans each year for the renewable energy industry.

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Press Release

14 May 2018

BarkerBille produces several large industrial fans each year for the renewable energy industry.

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