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Oil in Water, Spill and Level Monitoring for Power Plant Operations

Arjay Engineering manufactures sensors and controls to monitor level, interface, and leaks in oil water separators, cooling water systems and sumps in both environmental and process control applications.

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Arjay Engineering (Arjay) manufactures sensors and controls to monitor levels, interface and leaks in oil-water separators, cooling water systems and sumps in both environmental and process control applications.

The company provides tools for measuring diluted concentrations of oils, including water analysers, oil-on-water detectors and alarms.

Oil leak analysers for heat transfer and water-cooling systems

Small oil leaks in heat transfer systems’ cooling water can be monitored using Arjay’s light scattering or fluorescent technologies. Light scattering is used in filtered or recirculated cooling water for non-aromatic, synthetic and vegetable oils. Fluorescent light is used to selectively monitor petroleum-based oils by targeting the aromatic compounds.

Arjay’s HydroSense series of analysers offer parts per million (ppm) and mg/l oil concentration in water monitoring.

Arjay’s HydroSense provides water monitoring for environmental compliance and preventative maintenance.
Arjay manufactures oil-water separator monitors and alarms for monitoring liquid accumulation.
Sump and pit alarms for oil leaks and spills are provided by Arjay.
Arjay offers sensing pucks for detecting leaks in tanks, pits, vaults, sumps, berms and pans.
Arjay produces level monitors, alarms and switches for water, oil, chemical and solid leaks.

Oil water separator monitors for power plant operations

Arjay’s capacitance probes are used to monitor separated oil. The company offers the 2852-OWS single alarm sensor to indicate when an oil-water separator has accumulated a sufficient amount of oil to be pumped, while the 4100-OWS series provides a proportional display of the depth of collected oil, with multiple alarms and outputs.

Both oil water separator monitors are used in applications for stormwater run-off, transformer, generator and general site oil / water management. Relay control is available for alarms, valves and pump controls.

High-level alarms and pump controls for power applications

Arjay provides dry pump and high-level alarms for all water, oil or other fluid storage and transfer uses. Basic and single point alarms, as well as continuous monitors, are also available for pumps and valves.

Floating oil spill sensors and probes for generators and transformers

Oil that has leaked from generators and transformers will typically accumulate in sumps. Arjay offers its unique 2852-HCF series spill monitor to detect any oil in the equipment. A floating sensor scans for changes in the water’s surface and signals when there is a build-up of oil present.

The device has been designed to not raise nuisance alarms from trace oil sheens. In applications where the sump is used to accumulate and hold significant amounts of oil, the 2852-OWS sensing probe is available. A warning is emitted if any oil has collected near the drain.

Sensing pucks for pumps and valves

Arjay supplies area sensing pucks to specify if there is a leak in pumps and valves. The instrument is normally used in dry areas such as indoor tank berms, electrical vaults and drip pans.

The firm offers capacitance probes that scan for buried liquid accumulation caused by an internal or external breach in the interstitial space of double-walled tanks.

About Arjay

For more than 40 years, Arjay has designed and manufactured sensors and controls for the power industry worldwide.

All of our products carry electrical safety certification to CSA, UL/ANSI and IEC standards as well as all having CE marking.

For hazardous location installations, sensors are available with CSA/UL and IECEx certification for Zone 0, 1 and 2 in either explosion-proof or intrinsically safe arrangements.

The company is based in Oakville, Canada, and has product representatives in North America as well as other areas of the world.

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  • Hydrosense 4410-OCM

    The Hydrosense 4410-OCM provides efficient real-time flow-through parts-per-million (ppm) monitoring of both petroleum and non-petroleum oil present in water.

  • Floating Oil Spill Alarm

    Used in sumps and containments, or anywhere oil may accumulate on water, the 2852-HCF from Arjay offers a cost-effective approach to monitor oil spills.

  • Oil in Water Analyser

    Monitoring oil in water for environmental compliance and cooling water contamination in power plants is made easy using the fluorescence technologies from Arjay Engineering.

  • Product Overview

    Arjay Engineering is a designer and manufacturer of environmental and process control systems.

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