ETD has a range of reliability centred maintenance (RCM) services available.

The first is the ‘Plant Specific’ webinar. This two-hour online in-house webinar is for the engineers / managers from specific power plants on their own plant issues.

It can be delivered for staff using online and video conferencing technology to a location of your choice, at a time and date convenient to you. This seminar is bespoke for each plant and ETD will ask you to provide information about your plant and systems prior to the seminar, so that it can be tailored specifically to your plant and your requirements.

This seminar costs just £475. For that you can have as many of your personnel attend as you can fit into your training room.

As it is just for your staff only, you can have full and frank discussions about RCM and the technical aspects of your plant in the knowledge that it will remain confidential. To see the webinar brochure and registration information, please click here.

Note: The webinar brochure is specific to power plants, but ETD can also undertake the webinar for process plants.

Second is five-day RCM Training by ETD, held from 20 to 24 April 2015 in Surrey, UK. This is just south of London, meaning guests can stay in central London and travel to the seminar venue everyday by train. It is a 40-minute train journey from London Victoria and Waterloo stations. The event costs £2,000 + vat (early bird rate).

It is a unique opportunity to receive in-depth training in all aspects of RCM. The course can be attended in person or remotely from your location, using our video conferencing facilities. All you need is a stable internet connection and a video conferencing facility or a laptop. To see the training programme and registration information, please click here..

ETD is also providing a chance to develop the RCM programme with full implementation for your specific plant (part or whole).

RCM can be implemented for identified plant systems or across the whole plant, to suit your plant needs and budgets. Click here to read more about ETD’s RCM programme services.

If this offer for RCM programme development and implementation is taken up by a utility / power plant then the fee for the first offer and/ or the second, if attended, can be refunded.

Note: The proposal is specific to power plants, but ETD can also undertake RCM work for process plants, should this be of interest.