ELEQ Mastering Electricity Worldwide: Low and Medium Voltage Current Transformers and Voltage Transformers

Dutch and German company ELEQ offers a wide range of low and medium-voltage transformers. With a track record of more than 60 years, ELEQ is an expert in the field of split-core current transformers for energy management and an innovator of subassembly current transformer systems.

The company is an authorised supplier to all the major transformer and switchgear manufacturers. ELEQ operates in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Several products are approved by DEKRA and KEMA for fiscal measurements.

Energy flow management systems

ELEQ is well aware of the changing world that is putting increasing demands on installations. The firm constantly challenges itself to develop new systems that allow customers to manage energy flows with greater efficiency and ensures that installations are more reliable.

Quality and care for the environment

ELEQ develops, produces and sells products in accordance with the ISO 9001 and the environmental protection system ISO 14001 guidelines. ELEQ develops and continuously analyses its processes in order to permanently minimise the use of hazardous substances.

Producing products to meet environmental protection guidelines in the power industry

At ELEQ, reliability is not just a promise. The everyday goal is to guarantee the reliability of every product that leaves the company’s hands. An excellent service, a strong price-to-performance ratio, a short completion time and a punctual delivery is considered to be the standard procedure.

Highlights from the ELEQ product range

ELEQ TQ split-core current transformers for energy management:

  • Primary current from 60A to 500A
  • Designed for digital measurement systems
  • For high accurate kWh measurement
  • Accuracy class from 3 to 1
  • For insulated cables up to 28mm Ø
  • Easy-to-install with one hand and one click

ELEQ GSK split-core cast resin current transformer for indoor and outdoor applications:

  • Primary current from 50A to 10,000A
  • For measuring, protection or accounting purposes
  • Split core, so suitable existing installations
  • Models for use indoor or outdoor
  • Available in a wide range of dimensions
  • Various window sizes from 90mm to 400mm Ø

ELEQ GSA cast resin current transformer for indoor and outdoor applications:

  • Primary current from 20A to 10,000A
  • For measuring, protection or accounting purposes
  • Models for use indoor or outdoor
  • Max. three measuring cores in one housing
  • Various window sizes from 90 to 400mm Ø
  • DEKRA and KEMA-approved for fiscal measurements

ELEQ subassembly current transformer systems:

  • Primary current up to 30,000A
  • For measurement, protection and accounting
  • Patented subassembly constructions
  • Subassembly construction tested and reported as one set
  • Colour-coded secondary leads

ELEQ IGWF and IGWHF medium voltage insulated current transformers for outdoor applications:

  • Primary current maximum 3,000A
  • For measuring, protection & accounting applications
  • Max measuring voltage 36kV
  • SF6 gas free
  • Up to five measuring cores in one housing
  • Protection class connection box IP54 to IP65
  • Ambient temperature -40°C to 60°C
  • Various primary current connection possibilities

ELEQ UGE/UGZ medium voltage insulated voltage transformers for indoor applications:

  • Measuring voltage to 36kV
  • Monopolar insulated, model UGE
  • Bipolar insulated, model UGZ
  • Currents up to 3000A model IGW
  • DEKRA and KEMA-approved for fiscal measurements
  • Special model for generator applic. UGER and UGZR

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