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Ormazabal Installs New High-Power Laboratory in Spain

Ormazabal is one of the most important suppliers in the European Union of equipment and services for the medium-voltage electric distribution network.

Since its foundation in 1967, Ormazabal has been aware of the strategic importance of applied research for the development of its own technology, offering products and services of high quality to their clients and to consolidate their position on the world’s technological frontline.

In the frame of this strategy, Ormazabal has created the Research and Technology Centre (CIT by its Spanish initials), in which all the research activities of Ormazabal are integrated. This new centre includes all the necessary equipment for experimental research related with medium-voltage equipment, including a high-power laboratory
(HPL), the only one in Spain, as well as the conventional high voltage, temperature rise, mechanical and environmental laboratories.

The CIT supposes a qualitative jump in the research capabilities of Ormazabal that will contribute to the development of safer, more efficient and environmentally respectful products.

In the new CIT of Ormazabal, essential aspects for the development of more advanced products will be developed such as the evaluation of technologies and experimental confirmation of theories and simulation models. The CIT will also offer its services for research testing to the technological scientific sector, and for the development and certification of products to the Ormazabal business units as well as the rest of the electric sector.

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