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First Anniversary of Ormazabal Primary Distribution

Ormazabal’s new work sites, located in Boroa, consist of the R+D Center and the production plant of Ormazabal primary distribution switchgear and vacuum circuit breakers.

The proximity between facilities allows direct access to companies from the Grupo Ormazabal to the services offered by the High Power Laboratory, which is one of the most modern electro technical investigation laboratories in the world and will provide knowledge and development on new products. Therefore all primary distribution metal enclosed switchgear is manufactured, under the CPG type integral insulation requirements up to 36kV, 2000A and 31,5kA, in simple and double bus bar configurations which are typical in HV/MV transformer substations.

This new facility allows Grupo Ormazabal to increase its production capacity three times through innovative and modern manufacturing equipment, processes and testing systems. All units are tested and certified under actual regulations, including routine tests as well as sealing tests through a high level vacuum system, high voltage industrial frequency tests up to 70kV and the analysis of partial discharges in totally insulated and screened cells.

As a complement to these tests, all primary distribution switchgear is personalised depending on the client’s specifications, including protection and control devices adjusted for use in transformer substations and integrated in the switchgear. All the previous tests end with very demanding inspections of each manufacturing process, which makes it possible to offer utilities a personalised product with a high reliability for transformer substations.

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