Ormazabal Presents 'Development and Requirements of a New High Power Laboratory' During IEEE PES T&D 2010 - Power Technology | Energy News and Market Analysis
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Ormazabal Presents ‘Development and Requirements of a New High Power Laboratory’ During IEEE PES T&D 2010

The poster ‘development and requirements of a new high power laboratory’, presented by the staff from Ormazabal Corporate Technology, focused on the technical features of the HPL and the capability of this particular laboratory to carry out research and development projects on products, components and materials.

As stated during the presentation, “Testing under high voltage and high current levels simultaneously allows comprehensive understanding and knowledge on our products’ behaviour under extreme conditions”.

Underlined was the importance of being able to perform these research studies. This allows Ormazabal’s products and services to be among the most competitive in an increasingly demanding energy market, offering products with added value, safer for our customers and their assets.

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