The CoroCAM range of ultraviolet (UV) detection and imaging cameras, developed by the CSIR in collaboration with Eskom Research in South Africa, has identified UV corona activities and surface discharges on high-voltage electrical equipment for more than 18 years. More than 200 units have been sold worldwide, proving the soundness and longevity of the original designs. The CoroCAM range is now being manufactured by Uvirco Technologies in South Africa under licence from the CSIR.

CoroCAM UV detection systems

CoroCAM provides video images of the UV discharges that indicate high-voltage equipment problems on systems from 11kV all the way up to 765kV. The CoroCAM range covers operation at night (CoroCAM I), under low-light and indoor conditions (CoroCAM III), during the day (CoroCAM 504) and from the air (gimbal-mounted CoroCAM 504). Details of all the models can be seen on the Uvirco website.

The instruments are based on electro-optic technology, including the lens system, optical filter elements, ultra-sensitive light converter and the advanced image-processing algorithms, all of which have been researched, developed and adapted by the CSIR over a period of many years. Extensive research collaboration has taken place with sub-critical component suppliers in order to reach the highest levels of performance. Various electrical research institutes have participated in the optimisation of the instruments.

Infrared fault detection

The Multi-Spectral Imaging system (MultiCAM) adds an infrared dimension to complete the product range. This system allows the user to simultaneously record information from three different spectra – the infrared, the ultraviolet and the visible. It is the only such system on the world market.

CoroCam in use of transmission lines.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>
The multi-spectral MultiCAM fault detection system.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>
CoroCAM I night-time UV detection camera.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>
CoroCAM III UV discharge research camera.
The CoroCAM 504 is most suitable for day-time use.
UViRCO Technologies produces the CoroCAM 6D, which is economical without reduced performance.
A CoroCAM 7 Screenshot showing Pin corona.
The company manufactures the CoroCAM 7 that has a rotatable LCD display.
The CoroCAM 8 is a combined UV-Visible-Thermal IR camera.
CoroCAM 6D image of discharge from a crack below a busbar support post cap.

It is based on the CoroCAM 504 UV system so the UV and visible background channels work in exactly the same way, with the addition of an uncooled microbolometer infrared detector for the infrared channel which has single-point radiometric capability.

For the first time ever, a single instrument can detect and visualize UV discharges as well as infrared thermal gradients, thus exposing different fault types, and can overlay the images of one on the other giving the user a comprehensive picture of the state of the high-voltage installation.

UV detector output

The output images can be IR only, UV overlaid on IR or UV overlaid on the background object, providing huge flexibility relating to the ways in which the user can use the information. All outputs are in the form of .mpeg video or .jpg still images allowing them to be easily incorporated into standard report writing data packages.

Portable high voltage fault finding and imaging system

Its sleek, videocam looks and portability identify the MultiCAM as part of the CoroCAM family and it comes with most of the comprehensive features and options of the CoroCAM 504. MultiCAM is truly a one-stop high voltage fault finding and imaging system.

Efficient UV / corona daylight visualization system

The CoroCAM 504 model is the most efficient daylight UV / corona detection and visualization system ever. It has sleek, videocam looks and portability, patented filter removal technology, giving much greater sensitivity in both UV and visual channels for operation during non-daylight hours, as well as indoor research, and a comprehensive software suite allowing effective image enhancement and presentation.

Its feature laden operational capabilities, including on-board data storage, SVGA colour viewfinder, GPS and laser pointer for accurate detail positioning, ensure that the future of high voltage fault detection has been changed for ever.

Night-time UV detection systems

The most cost effective UV detection system, if outdoor daylight detection is not required, is the CoroCAM I. It is a very light and portable “point and shoot” device which operates mainly at night and indoors and produces a video image of the corona plus the object in standard video output for image recording purposes (NTSC or PAL).

For more detailed imaging in this environment, such as for research purposes, the CoroCAM III sits between the CoroCAM I and CoroCAM 504. It uses the same low light detection technology as the CoroCAM I but has a much larger and more sensitive optical package give much clearer images of the background and the UV source.