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HSP Hochspannungsgeräte GmbH

Transformer Bushings, Switchgear Bushings, Generator Bushings, HVDC Bushings, and SF6-Bushings

Camp-Spich-Str. 18,
53842 Troisdorf,

HSP produces quality tailor-made products and services such as transformer bushings, switchgear bushings, generator bushings, HVDC bushings and SF6-bushings up to the highest service voltage, as well as service and maintenance work for HSP equipment, service and maintenance work for other equipment and training for customers.

Epoxy resin impregnated graded bushings (RIP)

Our capacitance graded epoxy resin impregnated paper bushings up to 1,100kV are decisive interfaces for the security of your supply. It has 100% production controls; an own test laboratory accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 and our quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 guarantee reliability, efficiency and quality of our products.

RIP bushings – partial discharge-free at high voltages

HSP is the leading supplier for HVDC and dry RIP bushings with composite insulators. Among others we have supplied our products to large projects such as Gui Guang (China), Basslink (Australia) and Three Gorges (China).

HV products made by HSP are in use worldwide in industrial and power utility applications as well as in laboratories. They are ‘tailor-made’ and, where necessary, adapted to suit national standards requirements.

The quality of our products serves as their finest reference. The special manufacturing process enables them to remain free of partial discharges at higher voltage levels than that specified in the IEC-standards.

Continuous improvement of economy, safety and reliability: This matters for substation and equipment. Therefore with our specialists we offer a comprehensive range of maintenance and service measures, also for products from other manufacturers.

HSP history

HSP has a long history full of tradition. Over 100 years ago it was founded as a division of Meirowsky & Co, was then taken over by Dielektra AG and later by Felten & Guilleaume Energietechnik AG. Since 1989 HSP has been an independent company.

Reliability: DQS certificate DIN EN ISO 9001

However, our reputation for product quality has never changed, something that has been appreciated all over the world. This has resulted from the application of specialist know-how, of modern production methods adapted to suit specific material requirements, and a staff committed to high quality and the extensive test programmes in our works. HSP offers reliability and security of its products and also guarantees their future. This is evidenced by the DQS certificate DIN EN ISO 9001 and the attestation of the professional competence of our test laboratory according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 of the German Accreditation Office, Technique.

Lagoa do Barro Wind Complex, Piaui

The 195MW Lagoa do Barro windfarm is being developed approximately 580km from the city of Teresina in the northeast Brazilian state of Piauí.

Lincoln Gap Windfarm, Port Augusta

Lincoln Gap windfarm is a 212MW project being developed by Nexif Energy Australia, approximately 15km west of Port Augusta, South Australia.

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Ludwigsfelde, Germany – MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg has inked a seven-year contract with Sahacogen in Thailand for the maintenance of two LM6000 gas turbines operated by the listed, independent power company. With Sahacogen, the Ludwigsfelde-based engine shop added a second Thai power produce

Two ALIMAK Raise Climbers for Baoquan Power Station project

During his recent visit to China and Henan, Alimak’s segment manager for underground construction and mining Karl-Östen Holmberg signed a contract to supply two 400m ALIMAK Raise Climbers for the Baoquan power station project. The 1,200MW pumped-storage power station will produ

MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg overhauls U.S. Navy gas turbine

Ludwigsfelde, Germany – Debut at Ludwigsfelde, Germany: MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg has received a U.S. Navy gas turbine for overhaul. With this LM2500 turbine, the Ludwigsfelde gas turbine specialists have landed their first order from the U.S. Navy, this time not just repairing individual p

HSP Hochspannungsgeräte GmbH

Camp-Spich-Str. 18

53842 Troisdorf