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Screens, Debris Filters and Condenser Tube-Cleaning Systems

A Beaudrey filter consists of a rotating screening wheel, through which the water is able to flow.

Debris is then collected in the cells of the wheel and, when required, it rotates at a slower speed, allowing each cell to pass in front of the back-wash scoop. Back-washing cleans the filter by reversing the direction in which the water is flowing.

The NoCling™ panels are back-washed and the debris is evacuated towards the condenser outlet. NoCling is a Beaudrey patented design that prevents the build-up of fibrous material. The washing is initiated by opening an external valve.

The cleaning cycle only lasts a few minutes and can be triggered either by a timer or a differential-pressure switch.

The rotating wheel is driven by a nylon gear and a pinion, a rounded gear, by an external motor and reducer.

A torque limiting device and a shock-absorbing device protect the equipment from mechanical overload by blocking debris. The shock-absorbing device also protects the equipment from vibration that is generated by water turbulence.

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