Density Measurement in Desulphurisation

Density measurement of gypsum suspension is important for the efficiency of the flue gas scrubbers. If a certain concentration is achieved, the suspension will be grounded off. Density measurement can be provided by Promass Coriolis mass flowmeter or Gammapilot radiometric measurement.

Promass – coriolis mass flowmeter:

  • Measures density and quantity with one device (two signal outputs)
  • Effective in aggressive and abrasive gypsum suspension
  • Accuracy up to 0.0005g/cm³ for best controlling of the desulphurisation plant
  • Alternative to density measurement with radiometric measuring technology

Gammapilot – radiometric measurement:

  • Measures density from outside the pipe
  • No downtime
  • Free of maintenance
  • Unaffected by aggressive media

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