Utilities and industrial facilities have struggled for years with unreliable grounding measurements produced by the fall-of-potential (FOP) method and its inherent limitations.

Unlike the outdated FOP test, Smart Ground analyses the in-situ grounding environment and compares actual measurements to an electrogeometric computer model of the system being tested. The results are highly-accurate measurements and practical recommendations to help you make informed decisions.

When properly designed and maintained, a grounding system establishes electrical connections with the earth, provides a common ground reference, and minimises ground potential rise. This reduction in ground potential rise prevents many electrical anomalies, which can affect:

  • General personnel safety
  • Lightning and surge protection systems
  • Clearing ground faults quickly
  • Protecting critical electronic systems

However, many facilities never make needed repairs because buried grounding systems are difficult to inspect and test. The Smart Ground service simplifies testing and provides practical recommendations so you can have confidence in your grounding system.