The new FGAII is the latest continuous emissions monitoring system from Land Combustion. The FGAII analyser builds on the success of the original FGA series, retaining the TÜV and US EPA approved Advanced Dual Sensor Technology (ADST) measurement method. However, the FGAII is an entirely new design offering much wider capabilities, with more gas measurements, greater flexibility, higher accuracy and many other new features.

FGAII can measure CO, O2, CO2, NO, NO2 and SO2 in any combination. It provides true NOx measurement by directly measuring all Nitrogen Oxides present in the flue gas. Using the very latest dual sensor technology, the analyser gives high accuracy readings even at low pollutant levels, making it suitable for the most demanding emissions legislation, and likely future changes. High levels of pollutants are measured equally successfully using a proven integral sample dilution system. The measurement system is fully temperature controlled for greater stability.

To complement its innovative measuring system, FGAII offers a breakthrough in sample extraction system design. A heated particle filter and a two-stage thermoelectric cooler have been integrated into a weather-proof stack-mounted unit.

All sample gas transported to the analyser is dry, removing the requirement for heated sample lines. The ChillerProbe™ is designed for exceptional ease of maintenance. Installation is both simple and cost effective. Hot air blow-back from a built-in heated air tank is provided for automatic cleaning of the sample probe.

The FGAII analyser is mounted in a rugged, stainless steel enclosure, with integral LCD control panel. The control system provides all display, configuration and set-up options plus a comprehensive help and diagnostic system. All user connections are to rail-mounted terminals. A swing-frame allows convenient access to all the internal components during installation and routine maintenance.

FGAII can be supplied with either automatic or manual calibration facilities. The analyser has integral gas valves, full flow control, empty gas bottle detection, and can perform a 3-point linearity audit as required by US EPA 40CFR75.

Modbus communications are standard on all FGAII analysers. A range of current loop I/Os, digital inputs and relay outputs are available.

The FGAII analyser and ChillerProbe™ sample gas management system represents a significant breakthrough in continuous emissions monitoring technology. A compact, economical analyser which can be anything from a simple gas monitor to a complete CEM system in a single box.