The Land Coal Fire Detection system is one which provides solutions for the important problem of damaging plant fires and explosions simultaneously at many stages of the coal handling, grinding and storage process. It targets those areas susceptible to hotspots and deflagration and so provides plant operators with a comprehensive means of detecting and stopping these dangers from incurring the huge financial losses of repairs, replacements, downtime as well as danger to personnel.

The products in the coal fire detection range comprise of a Mill Fire Detector, Railcar Fire Detector, Conveyor Fire Detector, IR Coal Fire monitor, Coal Pile Fire Detector and portable thermal imager, providing a complete fire detection service.

This detection system leaves no room for error, providing constant and exhaustive surveillance to combat the risk of fire which, despite safety guidelines on the handling and storage of coal, is still a prevalent problem. Factors such as coal type, age, composition, storage conditions or processing method can increase the risk of combustion and a recent report claimed there was at least one pulveriser explosion everyday. The innovative fire protection system combines infrared and combustion technology to provide a range with a diverse approach to tackling fire prevention including both gas detection and temperature sensing.

The coal fire detection system is specifically designed to withstand the harsh, corrosive conditions of coal processing. However, it is versatile and can be just as effective in a wide range of other applications, such as the storage of organic matter, pulp and paper mills, refineries and many more industrial facilities where there is a risk of fire.

Land are offering a solution to a costly and devastating problem, with early detection before fire causes any damage, hidden risks are exposed early.