The outstanding versatility of the Lancom range of portable flue gas analysers has been further enhanced by the new DrySampler™ probe.

Before the introduction of the DrySampler™, portable flue gas analysers often suffered from the demanding performance requirements for sampling and measurement of soluble gases such as SO2 and NO2. Many environmental authorities have insisted upon a separate sample conditioner as a solution. Measurement problems often also exist where the flue gas has a very high moisture content.

Solutions to these problems have been available for some time, but not as a practical, easy-to-use and importantly, a low cost option.

The key to the success of the new DrySampler™ probe is that is both samples and dries the wet flue gas at the measurement point. The DrySampler™ not only provides a solution but also successfully meets the requirements for practicality and cost.

The DrySampler™ uses a revolutionary design (patent pending), featuring a probe with an integrated sample drying system, which excludes the requirement for expensive, heavy, inconvenient and unreliable separate sample conditioners, heated sample lines and probes.

The unique DrySampler™ probe does not require electrical power and is fully self-contained – making it truly portable, low cost and more importantly very easy to use. The probe plugs straight into any Lancom portable analyser.

The DrySampler™ is especially successful when monitoring soluble gases such as SO2 and NO2. The probe has been independently performance tested (ref. National Physical Laboratory Report QE21/02/1042), proving the design and operation produce very accurate and repeatable measurement results.