The LAND FGA 900 Series continuous emissions monitoring systems have been granted MCerts approval for Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMs) by the UK Environment Agency. The approval for this compact, single box monitoring system, covers continuous measurement of O2, CO and NO.

FGA 900 Series analysers can provide full scale measuring ranges for up to 3 gases from as low as 0 to 50 ppm in a single compact unit.

Additionally, these analysers have the highly enviable capability to provide Total NOx readings by direct measurement (both NO and NO2) – there is no dependence upon calculation or conversion.

They have in addition carried TÜV approval to the 13th and 17th BimSchV since 1998; and meets ISO standards 12039, 10849 and 7935.

FGA 900 Series analysers are ideally complemented by the FGAII analysers (also TÜV, MCerts and US EPA approved), which have the additional capability of 0 to 10 ppm measuring ranges and monitoring of up to 6 pollutant gases (from O2, CO, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2 and CO2) in a single compact instrument.

This new approval adds to the growing list of TÜV, MCerts and US EPA certified stack gas and dust emissions monitoring products available from Land Instruments International.