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Anti-Static Filter Elements

East Coast Filter is proud to now offer a variety of custom and standard configuration Anti-Static Filter Elements that can be used in power generation applications including gas turbine lubrication systems and uses in conventional power plants, plastic injection moulding machines, mobile hydraulics, pulp and paper, as well as any other applications that utilise various low conductivity oils.

In applications where electrostatic discharge is a common occurrence with modern ash and zinc free hydraulic and lubricating oils, it is imperative to have a filter that functions without creating any sort of spark that could potentially disrupt or harm the process. Oils that are used that pass through standard hydraulic or lubricating system filters are prone to generate static charges. Sparking from static charges within a filter can lead to oil degradation and varnishing issues which can cause damage with seized valve spools, overheated solenoids, clogged filters and the most detrimental issue would be the possibility of an explosion.

The unique static-discharge media designed for these hydraulic filter elements operate with an advanced technology-driven media that dissipates the triboelectric charges created from the flow of fluids through the specialised filtration media. This media ensures a very low charge across the fluid over extended periods of time to alleviate chances of sparking.

Given the ability to fully customise these anti-static hydraulic filter elements, they can be dropped into market standard units as direct replacements to most major OEM filters or customised completely from the ground up to fit a custom-designed application.

East Coast Filter representatives have an extensive background on all applications requiring the use of anti-static hydraulic filter elements and are happy to assist in any sizing or customisation requirements needed to implement these filters.

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