UK based company ETD has now announced the launch of a number of its new multi-client or Group Sponsored Projects (GSPs) in addition to completing some of the existing ones.

All are available for participation/ purchase. The Completed GSPs include a ‘Comprehensive and Critical Review of Weld Repair practices in power industry and findings from the latest R&D work on common and new (P91) power plant materials’, ‘Power Plant Cycling and the Associated Costs’, ‘Benchmarking’, ‘Risk Based Management of Power Plants’ and ‘Review and Guidelines for Power Plant Boiler/ HRSG and Turbine Life Assessment/ Extension’.

The New GSPs include ‘Preparation of Guidelines for Boiler Tube Failure Management and Best Practices including Risk Based Management’& ‘HRSG Lifing- Life Assessment Procedures and Practical Guide to Design, Materials, Damage, Operation, Maintenance & Inspection of HRSGs’.

The funding of a GSP is normally shared by a number of parties whereby each party pays a fraction of the total cost of the project but benefits from the full findings and industry guidelines prepared by the project.

In 2012 ETD is also conducting a number of Training Courses on issues such as ‘Plant Integrity/ Life Assessment’, ‘Gas Turbine Lifing’, ‘Crack Assessment’ etc. An international conference on ‘Power Plant/CCGT/HRSG Cycling is also being organised in Charlotte, US.