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Solar Power Australia

Industrial, Commercial and Wholesale Solar Renewable Energy Power Systems

Unit 3, 301 Hillsborough Rd,
Warners Bay,
NSW 2282 Other,

Unit 3, 301 Hillsborough Rd,
Warners Bay,
NSW 2282 Other,

Solar Power Australia is an Australian-owned and operated company providing renewable energy solutions for industry, businesses and the residential sector.

Solar Power Australia also operates Solar Online Australia, one of the largest suppliers and integrators of renewable energy products in Australia.

Custom-designed renewable energy products and services

Together with its subsidiary Solar Online Australia, Solar Power Australia can offer a powerhouse of specialist, custom-designed solutions for a variety of renewable energy applications. Our direct links with manufacturers ensure that products available at wholesale prices are of the highest quality, most suitable for the intended purpose, and because of large stockholdings, are readily available.

We are able to offer complete solutions that are tailored to our individual customers’ needs and their level of investment. Our recommendations are based on a thorough understanding of the renewable energy market and bottom-line financial considerations governing our customer’s investments.

Industrial and commercial renewable energy systems

When considering renewable energy certificates (RECs) and bonus RECs (solar credits), premium feed-in tariffs, government tax incentives, reduced electricity consumption and reduced carbon footprint for your business altogether, the business case for installing a renewable energy system at your facility is compelling.

Installing renewable energy generating capacity to offset your electricity consumption can also mean a smart business decision in terms of insulating your business from escalating electricity costs. Additionally, if based in Australia it is a demonstration of your business’ commitment to contribute to the country’s renewable energy target for 2020.

Grid, remote power or off-grid renewable energy systems

Solar Power Australia specialises in providing cost-effective and dependable power solutions for both grid and remote power or off-grid applications. We have packaged pre-engineered systems, with full manufacturers’ warranties, or alternatively can design a system particular to your requirements. Our designs can accommodate the special requirements of our customers.

Our close relationships with manufacturers, coupled with our large stockholdings, allow us to choose high-quality products at lower costs with rapid system turnaround. Our stockholdings of quality and proven components include PV panels, inverters, batteries and charge controllers.

Residential renewable energy systems

Solar Power Australia continues to help many households in realising their dream of owning a renewable energy system.

We have many years’ experience in the design and installation of renewable energy systems for homes, whether they be grid feed systems or systems powering homes in remote locations unable to access grid electricity. The systems that we have designed include solar, wind and hybrid (a combination of solar and wind) systems.

Renewable energy system and equipment wholesale supply

Solar Power Australia offers the wholesale supply of renewable energy systems and equipment for solar system integrators, installers and retailers. We would like to become your partner in building and operating a successful renewable energy business. We offer:

  • Advice in parts and equipment selection
  • Large parts stockholding, specially prepared component kits and packages
  • Custom-engineered complete systems
  • Product development

We are currently accepting applications from qualified renewable energy dealers, contractors, integrators and installers to join the Solar Power Australia network.

Renewal energy system consultation services

Solar Power Australia provides expert and specialist consulting services regarding all aspects of renewable energy systems. We specialise in consultation to industrial and commercial clients.

Whether you are considering installation of a grid feed or off-grid renewable energy system and are unsure where to start, unclear as to the various renewable energy system options, size, and configuration, or uncertain about the financial benefits or technical aspects, please contact us. We can also help your business in understanding government subsidies and RECs.

Renewable energy system design and engineering services

Solar Power Australia offers professional design and engineering services for a wide variety of industrial and commercial renewable energy applications, such as building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems, solar power farms, lighting systems, and powering of remote telecommunications facilities.

Our services relate to the design, installation, operation and maintenance of renewable energy systems such as solar, wind and hybrid systems. We are specialists in both grid feed and off-grid applications.

Renewable energy certificates

Solar Power Australia is a registered agent with the Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator (ORER) for the creation of RECs.

Solar Power Australia offers an experienced team of professionals that is aware of government policy and regulations relating to RECs. This, along with our knowledge of the current and forecasted REC market, allows us to advise our customers of preferred REC assignment strategy on a case-by-case basis.

Mount Gellibrand Wind Farm, Victoria

Acciona Energy's Mount Gellibrand wind farm is a 132MW project being developed 65km west of Geelong and 25km east of Colac in Victoria, Australia.

Utah Red Hills Renewable Park, Utah

Utah Red Hills Renewable Park is a solar power generating facility being developed in Parowan, Utah, by Scatec Solar with an estimated investment of $188m.

Solar Power Australia Pty Ltd

Unit 3, 301 Hillsborough Rd

Warners Bay

NSW 2282