PFISTERER specialises in high-current conductors and insulation for high voltages.

The company’s solutions are used for all voltage levels and applications where power must be transmitted reliably for many years.

Silicone insulators, insulator sets and vibration damping

PFISTERER designs and delivers individual components and complete insulator sets up to 1,000kV on the basis of silicone composite insulators.

With more than 90 years of experience in the design of systems and use of modern simulation models for electrical field characteristics and mechanical loads, customers can be confident of finding the right solution.

PFISTERER provides complex custom solutions such as space-saving, insulated cross-arms, upgrades existing overhead line systems and supplies individual components on the basis of silicone composite insulators.
The company supplies cable vibration measuring and damping solutions.
IXOSIL dry, self-supporting cable terminations can be pre-installed on the ground.
IXOSIL cable joints with slip-on technology are easily installed, providing maximum operational reliability.
All PFISTERER transformer components use the same universal dry plug-in connector sockets of the CONNEX system.
The CONNEX solution is the only system of its kind certified by DVN GL (formerly Germanischer Lloyd) for use in offshore applications.
The PLUG connection system allows complex systems to be built using a modular and pre-assembled construction.
2DIREKT terminals are used for distribution transformers to reduce the number of transition points, power dissipation and sources of faults.
PFISTERER has a comprehensive range of accessories for installation, testing and operation, and provides installation training in centres and on-site.

PFISTERER develops complex custom solutions such as space-saving, insulated cross-arms or upgrading existing overhead line systems.

The company’s services also include cable vibration damping, as well as computer simulation with data acquisition using instruments specifically developed for this purpose, right through to implementation with the help of damping elements.

Cable systems with dry pluggable and conventional cable accessories

PFISTERER’s cable accessories are available for almost all types of plastic-insulated cables up to 550kV.

IXOSIL cable terminations are available with conventional oil-filled and modern dry slip-on technology. In the self-supporting version used with pylons, they can be pre-installed on the ground.

In addition, IXOSIL cable joints using proven slip-on technology can be installed quickly, providing maximum operational reliability.

The dry pluggable CONNEX system is touch-proof, maintenance-free, suitable for outdoor use and submersible. Using gas-insulated CONNEX joints, pluggable cable branches can also be produced.

The installation of high-voltage components requires extensive know-how and care. PFISTERER specialists have extensive experience and can install systems worldwide.

Cable accessories for substations

PFISTERER’s products ensure low-loss, maintenance-free and long-lasting connections across the whole transmission chain.

The dry pluggable CONNEX system makes power transformers completely pluggable. Touch-proof CONNEX cable connectors on both the upper and lower voltage side, combined with the CONNEX solid surge arresters, ensure that enclosed stations are very compact.

For connections in the open air, pluggable bushings are also available. MV-CONNEX multiple cable connectors provide very compact and completely maintenance-free connections to the distribution network.

In outdoor substations, IXOSIL cable terminations and outdoor switchgear terminals connect the individual components, while silicon supporting insulators provide the required insulation.

For installation and maintenance, the company provides voltage detectors and customer-specific, ready-assembled grounding and short-circuiting sets.

Energy distribution components and compression and bolted connectors

PFISTERER’s SICON screw connectors for medium-voltage cables have some unique advantages and use state-of-the-art technology.

They have optimal contact force, irrespective of conductor material, and can be assembled without special tools and any protrusions on the connector body.

2DIREKT transformer terminals reduce the number of transition points and therefore the power dissipation and sources of faults.

For underground distribution networks, PFISTERER offers the ISICOMPACT, one of the most compact and easiest-to-install branch connections available.

For this, the company provides the required installation tools, together with voltage detectors and customer-specific, ready-assembled grounding and short-circuiting sets.

Solutions for voltage detection and railway catenary systems

PFISTERER has a complete range of approved components, including TENSOREX, the spring-operated tensioning system, silicone composite insulators, terminals and custom-made droppers using screw or press technology, as well as installation tools and voltage testers and grounding and short-circuiting sets.

Pluggable connectors for industrial applications

PFISTERER’s pluggable PLUG connection system creates the necessary conditions for the replacement of drive components such as motors or power converters, reducing downtime and cost.

The system produces clearly defined system boundaries and allows complex systems to be built using a modular and pre-assembled type of construction.

Offshore cable accessories

Offshore substations for wind farms require complex technology to be fitted into a confined space.

The CONNEX connector system for medium, high and extra-high voltage cables is ideal for this application as it is touch-proof, compact, maintenance-free and resistant to salt water.

So far it is the only system certified by DVN GL (formerly Germanischer Lloyd) for offshore use.

The technology has proven to be just as useful in the often extremely cramped conditions in substations of hydropower plants.

For wind turbines on land or at sea, pre-assembled modules are needed, and this is made possible by the PLUG high-current connector system.

With PFISTERER’s easy-to-install medium and low-voltage connectors, small and medium-sized onshore plants can be connected efficiently.