Aztec AVA Ltd became the first independent training supplier to the Electricity Generating Industry and on 6 April 2017, the company celebrated 25 years of continuous supply of training services to the industry.

In 1989, the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) was sold by the UK Government. In the three years up until 1992, all training delivered at the UK Power Stations, which belonged to National Power and PowerGen, was delivered internally.

At the beginning of 1992, both NP and PG started to release their training staff, and they joined Aztec AVA Ltd (Aztec Technical Services Ltd before being renamed).

Aztec AVA Ltd became a conduit for staff leaving the industry. Those staff, after being retrained, took on new roles and became trainers to the industry.

A number of employees of UK Electricity Generators have gone on to become station, operational and maintenance managers of power stations around the world and, because of the quality of training they received from Aztec AVA Ltd, those UK expats have requested Aztec AVA Ltd be used to put in place training programmes at their new stations.

Aztec AVA Ltd has been so successful at delivering these programmes that, in February 2017, the Democratic Republic of the Congo became the latest destination for our trainers. This also brought the number of countries where Aztec AVA Ltd delivered training to 46.

Aztec AVA Ltd is now planning for the future, not only within the electricity industry, but companies within the food and drinks industry have also started to take up its training services.

The company is looking forward to the next 25 years.