GET Compliance now offers a broad range of national training units to fulfil a number of important needs within the power industry.

The 12 UET competencies are:

  • HLTCPR201B. Perform CPR
  • UETTDRRF01B. Apply ESI safety rules, codes of practice and procedures for work on or near electrical apparatus
  • UETTDRRF02B. Perform pole top rescue
  • UETTDRRF03B. Perform EWP rescue
  • UETTDRRF04B. Perform tower rescue
  • UETTDRRF05B. Perform rescue from switchyard structures
  • UETTDRRF06B. Perform rescue from a live LV panel
  • UETTDRRF07B. Perform cable pit, trench, excavation rescue
  • UETTDRRF08B. Perform EWP controlled descent escape
  • UETTDRRF09B. Apply access procedures to work on or near electrical network infrastructure
  • UETTDRRF10B. Provide first aid in an ESI environment
  • UETTDRRF11A. Testing of connections to low voltage electricity networks