get compliance tractor incident

GET Compliance is exhibiting at the Farm Fantastic 2015 expo; Australia’s biggest farming and retail event.

The company will be offering a ‘Fantastic Special’ for some of its most popular training courses, as well as information specifically for safety in the agricultural industry.

Visit GET Compliance in the Leichardt Marquee (Site 36).

The agriculture, forestry and fishing industry recorded the highest number of fatalities in 2013 (48) followed by the transport, postal and warehousing (46), and construction (19) industries.

In the agriculture sector, around $22m is paid out annually for workers’ compensation claims. Each year, an average of 50 days is lost for injuries needing time off work, compared with 43 days for all other industries. One in every 25 agricultural workers is injured every year.

Agricultural workplaces have been urged to take special care when getting work done on the roof or in ceiling spaces after a recent incident highlighted the dangers that can be caused by rat or mice infestations.

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Image: Tractor involded in an agricultural accident. Photo: courtesy of GET Compliance.