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Get Compliance has Completed Major Project for Queensland Urban Utilities

Get Compliance has completed a major project for Queensland Urban Utilities, which are one of the largest distributors of drinking water, recycled water and treatment of sewerage waste in Australia.

Get Compliance was selected to develop a comprehensive "lock out tag out" procedural document to span the numerous energy sources presenting risks to workers on a daily basis.

The energies presenting hazards to the workers included: electrical, hydraulic, chemical, gravitational and biological.

Many different isolation devices were required to be operated to ensure the complete isolation of hazards to the work area, including chemical isolation, valves and low-voltage circuit isolators. Diversity of the work groups was also identified and included in the procedure.

Processes were included to ensure the safety of the workers, the community and the environment during a change of shift.

This enabled one workgroup to sign off an activity and allow another group to commence work at a later date and still have control over the isolation process.

A comprehensive isolation register was developed to blend with the permit to work process currently in place.

This project has enabled the client to move closer to their duty as identified in the Queensland work health and safety legislation.

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