Jason Emerson has written a testimonial for Derek Green from GET Compliance: "I first met Derek Green in 2004 when I relocated to Queensland from NSW, now knowing him eight years in total in a professional capacity.

"As a trainee I have been exposed to Derek’s training delivery now 8 times for each stage of my professional development training as well as training updates to my electrical profession and authorisations.

"I had previously reached an elite level in my electrical career in NSW prior to relocating and had been exposed to a lot of training to that point. Yet coming to QLD and recommencing my career with a new company I soon realised through meeting Derek that I still had a lot to learn and had found who would teach me. Derek is unlike any other trainer that I had worked with; his ability to impart the most technically difficult information with ease had it all make sense. As a trainer in his field Derek is unsurpassed in his professionalism and knowledge.

"Derek has the ability to welcome all trainees to his class in a way that you instantly feel comfortable and at ease. In a diverse group one sometimes feels reluctant to ask certain questions fearful of the reaction of others who may absorb information faster, yet Derek caters for all learning styles and encourages the needs of all to be met in the way that competency based training should be delivered.

"At each stage of my professional development Derek was the foundation for my knowledge, in delivering the formal classroom training component that would set me up for success at assessment stage for each and every level of my career path. I am not alone in the respect I have for Derek with his knowledge and skills he has given me, in my workplace there are many other electrical tradesman who have benefited from Derek’s training.

"Each time we would meet with Derek to deliver a further training course we considered it catching up with an old friend we had not seen for some time – A wise old friend who we would gladly listen to and be thankful for the knowledge we took away. It is Derek’s persona that has allowed for many professional friendships to be built in my workplace and he is spoken of often amongst many with great respect.

"A couple of years ago I progressed further in my career and became a Training and Support Officer. This role allows me to help others progress and better their knowledge through my assistance. I endeavour to use the same persona I have observed from Derek through his teachings and I enjoy my role each and every day whilst of course still learning myself. My training role has required me to organise training for the same group of elite skilled electrical tradesman in my workplace that have been exposed to Derek’s training through their development and I did not have a second thought in making sure it was Derek that I arranged to deliver the formal training to them again.

"From being exposed to Derek’s training many times both as a trainee and now also as a facilitator / fellow trainer I would have no hesitation in recommending his services. In fact I would urge anyone looking for this type of training to look no further than Derek Green at GET Compliance to empower themselves or their employees with the same knowledge that I and so many others from my workplace have benefited from."