CASTOR® geo is the newly developed modular system, featuring different cask dimensions and basket designs. Based on well-proven components and state-of-the-art processes, this system easily meets the individual requirements of customers worldwide for the storage and transport of both PWR- and BWR-fuel assemblies.


CASTOR® geo casks are able to accommodate up to 37 PWR-FA or 69 BWR-FA with a maximum initial enrichment of approximately 5 wt-% 235U, up to 74 GWd/MTU average burn-up and more than 40kW heat load. Options for the dry storage of MOX fuel are also available.

The cask weight in handling configuration is optimised in accordance with internationally established crane capacities and can be further customised to individual needs. A high degree of standardisation allows for savings, for instance, related to handling equipment and training measures, as well as licensing procedures.