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China’s plans to build a supergrid: read this and more in the new issue of Future Power

In this issue: India’s plans to co-fire all coal-based power plants with biomass, the future of fusion nuclear energy, a new energy storage tower, China’s mega transmission line project, and more.

Power to the people: read about California’s drive for carbon neutral power and more in the new issue

In this issue: California’s plans to engage with local communities, the IAEA’s new nuclear roadmap, Argentina’s rapidly changing energy market, energy mapping from space, and more.

Future Power Technology – Issue 106

In this issue: The debate over fracking in the UK, ScottishPower’s commitment to 100% renewable energy, England’s first grid-scale smart network, Poland’s reliance on coal, and more.

Future Power Technology – Issue 105

In this issue: The new Global Green Bond Partnership, Russia’s move to adopt renewables, turning the Hoover Dam into a battery, the issue of recycling solar panels, Enel’s energy control room, and more

Future Power Technology – Projects Special Issue

In this issue: This special issue focuses on power projects around the world, the top 20 renewable projects, under construction, the state of coal, gas and nuclear plants around the world, and more

Future Power Technology – Issue 104

In this issue: Taiwan’s switch to renewables, China’s decision to slash solar subsidies, the development of a new generation of organic solar cells, a new superfast electric vehicle charger, and more

Future Power Technology – Issue 103

In this issue: The impact of blockchain on Europe’s distribution network operators, a mobile app saving customers money, experts weigh in on the future of nuclear power in the UK, and more

Future Power Technology – Australia Issue

In this issue: An insight into the Australian Government’s National Energy Guarantee, the latest power projects kicking off across the country, Coopers Gap windfarm profile, and more

Future Power Technology – Issue 102

In this issue: Recasting the EU Renewable Energy Directive, promising renewable projects in Africa, the world’s biggest solar power plants, risks faced by paramedics on offshore windfarms, and more