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Laura Husband

Future Power Technology: Renewables Edition

In this issue we take a look at the future of the marine power industry, in-pipe hydro technology that could harness energy from city’s water system, the world’s largest concentrated solar plant, new turbines especially designed for deep waters, and more.

Future Power Technology: Clean Energy Edition

In this issue we explore the pressures of renewable energy on Europe’s power system, Google’s $1bn zero carbon investment strategy, grid-connected electric car schemes, the shale gas boom in the US, and more.

Future Power Technology: Construction Edition

In this issue we explore construction within the power industry, including the first new nuclear plant since China’s post-Fukushima construction ban, India’s nuclear new-build programme, Ethiopia’s plans to invest in hydro-power, and how the UK power market can conquer markets overseas.

Future Power Technology: BRICS Edition

In this issue we explore the power industry in the BRICS nations, including how Brazil’s electricity cost cuts affect energy producers in the region, the implications of Atomflot’s expanding nuclear icebreaker fleet in Russia, how India’s energy problems are holding back growth, investigations into cheap solar panels from China, South Africa’s nuclear fleet programme, plus more.

Future Power Technology: Operations & Maintenance Edition

In this issue we explore the operations and maintenance regimes that keep power plants running smoothly, including how fossil fuels are becoming more flexible, the challenges of landfill gas projects, maximising output from wind farms, increasing nuclear plant availability, Siemens’ turbine monitoring system, plus more.

Future Power Technology Magazine: Turbine Edition

The latest in turbine technology, looking at thermal, hydro and water power generation.

Future Power Technology Magazine: Wind Power Edition

How the next phase of wind power generation is set to be cheaper and more efficient.

Future Power Technology Magazine: Nuclear Edition

How is nuclear energy finding its place in the future energy mix?

Future Power Technology Magazine: Water Power Edition

With a host of new technologies riding the wave of innovation and investment, marine and hydro power are catching up with the major renewables.