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Contec , Bad Honnef, Germany Acquires Glander and Bensberg Entstaubungstechnik

Glander and Bensberg Enstaubungstechnik

Contec has strengthened its manufacturing division in the field of oil mist filtration and dust collection technology.

With effect 11.02.2015, Glander and Bensberg Enstaubungstechnik successfully merged with Contec, Bad Honnef.

With this merger the manufacturer of dust collection systems, founded in 1958, is officially and legally part of Contec, Bad Honnef.

Contec, Bad Honnef is therefore expanding its manufacturing competency in production and engineering in the field of oil mist filtration and dust collection technology.

With Glander and Bensberg Entstaubungstechnik in Bad Honnef, Contec has acquired a company which manufacturers complex products in the field of dust collection technology for the German market.

Glander and Bensberg Enstaubungstechnik complements the product portfolio of Contec with more than 50 years of product experience in filtration technology.

The company has an excellent reputation in the manufacturing of complex technical systems for dust collection technology, including dust extraction equipment, filtration systems, recycling plants, plant technology, fans, sewage gas blowers, and pipe systems.

Against the background of the merger, existing market shares are secured and expanded and existing potentials exploited – especially in the expansion and optimisation of the production possibilities and capacities.

The results are significant benefits for customers of both companies in the creation of project-specific filtration solutions.

Jochen Lehmkuhl, managing director of Contec said: "The acquisition resulted in direct opportunities for Contec, within the framework of ensuring our high quality standards in manufacturing in Germany and the engineering of customer-specific filtration solutions."

With the merger, Contec is pursuing a systematic approach of expanding and complementing its product portfolio, and sees the acquisition as a significant building block and perspective within the framework of the corporate strategy of expanding the market leadership in the field of filtration solutions.

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