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Aggreko Offers a Cool Solution to a Hot Summer

With temperatures predicted to soar this summer, Aggreko, the global leader in temporary power and temperature control solutions, is encouraging UK businesses to be prepared.

In its latest seasonal forecast the MET Office predicted this summer would be hotter than average with temperatures set to hit the 30-degree mark during the next couple of months. While this is great news for British tourism, it will be less welcome for staff working in buildings that do not have adequate temperature control systems. It is also bad news for their employers: soaring temperatures often lead to a drop in productivity as staff demand more frequent breaks. There are also implications for industry and for businesses such as food and beverage warehousing, where additional equipment will be needed to maintain normal operating temperatures during production and storage.

Neil Smith, temperature control specialist at Aggreko, said: “With some pre-planning these exceptional temperature problems need not arise. Temporary cooling equipment can be quickly installed for the duration of a heat wave. Our sales engineers will provide a free and comprehensive assessment of a building’s needs and specify appropriate chillers, air handlers and even temporary power to ensure that the most appropriate temperature is maintained throughout the building.”

“Increases in temperature will result in demand for additional cooling in storage units, production lines, hospitals and educational establishments as well as agricultural buildings with livestock,” said Neil. “We anticipate there will be issues with food, chemical, pharmaceutical production and storage at processing and packaging plants as businesses cannot afford to lose production time or waste stock. We will provide temporary chillers to cool storage facilities or to help supplement existing air conditioning in these higher than normal temperatures.”

The advantage for customers is they do not need to pay to replace existing, inadequate permanent infrastructure but can rent the most appropriate temporary equipment for as long as they like. There are many thousands of applications across all industry sectors where Aggreko has successfully provided temporary temperature control solutions and its engineers will advise on the most appropriate equipment to meet any customer’s needs.

Aggreko provides expert advice on contingency planning to help businesses plan and prepare for any circumstances that may impact on power generation or temperature control. Its tailor-made solutions include provision of equipment, placement and transportation. With a 24/7 rental centre based in Cannock and a national network of service centres, equipment is always close-by, ensuring a rapid response.

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