Bulkhandling Boxsilencers


If we say custom design silencers, we mean CUSTOM design silencers. This proven box concept is built-in in the roof of a mobile bulkhandling installation. Typical application is it’ s shipunloading function in the cement industry.

Each single bulkhandling installation needs several heavy duty duct silencers like the in- and outletsilencers for both its compressor and its vacuumpump and exhaust silencers for the dieselengine, when diesel driven. In this particular project, all silencers are built-in in two rooftop silencers.

The smallest one on the picture contains the compressor inlet and outletsilencer and a pre-inlet silencer with nominal sizes DN200 to DN300. Besides its beautiful design, the short deliverytime in the middle of the summerholidays needs to be mentioned. By all means a TIO supply!

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