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TIO BV Industrial Silencers: Making Schiedam a Quieter Place

Earlier this year, Schiedam based Huisman Equipment received a lot of complaints from their neighbours in a residential area about noise pollution.

The noise appeared to come from a drilling ship’s generator sets; the ship had a maintenance stop at the Huismans facility. Huisman took a quick action and hired TIO BV to design a dismountable solution for the next maintenance jobs.

The first customer said after the installation: "Without measurements we can yet clearly hear the results."

On 15 October, a noise measurement will be carried out by Peutz, an independent noise consultancy.

Recently, we received the official noise measurement report, which concluding by saying: "The measured equivalent noise level from the exhaust is now essentially lower than the reference ambient noise level. Noise pollution or disturbance due to the silenced exhaust is therefore not expected." We call that a very nice result.

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