Doosan Lentjes will speak about cutting-edge power plant technologies during the POWER-GEN Asia to take place from 18-20 September in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Presentations will be held on highly efficient biomass-fired circulating fluidised bed (CFB) boiler applications and seawater flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) systems.

Both speeches fit into the environment of global efforts on decreasing the impact of power generation on the environment: Emissions reduction plays a key role for power plant owners and operators in order to be compliant with environmental regulations. Simultaneously, sustainable fuel types such as biomass, continuously become more important and make up an ever larger part of the energy mix.

“Biomass fuels have certain properties that need to be addressed appropriately in the boiler design to ensure efficient combustion, says Frank Leuschke, Product Manager CFB at Doosan Lentjes. “Against this background, our CFB boiler contribution at the event will outline certain design aspects of biomass-fired CFB boilers.

This will encompass the selection of steam conditions, process designs and specific boiler auxiliary equipment selections, as well as, emissions control systems. Case studies to be presented for both new build and retrofitted CFB biomass applications will highlight particular challenges and advantages of their designs respectively.

When speaking about seawater FGD technologies at the POWER-GEN Asia, Doosan Lentjes will highlight operational experiences with gas cleaning plants built in Vietnam downstream of coal-fired boilers.

“The results of the performance data generated over the last years have shown that the seawater FGD process is in line with all emissions directives applicable in Asia,” says Dr Kai Kehrmann, Product Manager Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS), at Doosan Lentjes. “This means that seawater FGD can be an efficient and environmentally-sound solution, wherever the combustion of conventional fuel types is still relevant and necessary.”

For 90 years, Doosan Lentjes develops and delivers its efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and processes for energy generation from sustainable and conventional fuels to clients around the globe.